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The Reasons Why SPORTSWORLD is the Best Indoor/Outdoor Sports Facility in New England: 

Location, Location, Location
Our facility is located right off Route 91 directly between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA. We are just 12 miles from each city and only minutes away from Bradley International Airport. 

226 Main Street
East Windsor, CT 06088

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Our Smart Grass Fields (3 Large Fields or One Main Field)
Our sports bubble is home to 3 large indoor fields each measuring 200 feet x 100 feet with a maximum height of 60 feet, which can be also be converted to one main field measuring 320 feet x 200 feet. This size allows for full speed action. There are no sideboards to worry about and there are no overhead nets to get in the way. 

Our sports bubble also has  6,000 square feet designated to spectator viewing. The spectator area is equipped with seating, and is climate controlled during the winter months. 

Our Main Building 
The main building to our facility host a conference room with Wireless Internet, a 50 Inch Flat Screen TV, and a full concession, along with Men's and Women's restrooms. 

Outdoor Facilities
We have multiple full-sized outdoor fields suitable for any sport including field hockey, soccer, baseball and lacrosse. We also have a Professional Sand Volleyball Court. 

Together our indoor and outdoor spaces allow us to operate day or night, good weather or bad, hot or cold. 
We are truly your year 'round facility.

Hotel Facilities
In being located so close to Bradley International Airport, and the surrounding cities, there are ample hotel accommodations in the area.

Other Things To Do
We understand that the whole family might not want to stay and watch all of the games or practices. Our facility is within six miles of the Enfield Mall, and 20 minutes of the Basketball Hall of Fame. There are movie theaters, restaurants, shopping and much more within 5 minutes of the facility. The entire family can come with your team--and still have an outstanding visit. There is something for everyone.

Management That Cares
Sportsworld was started by a group of parents who were constantly taking their children to practices, tournaments, and try-outs at far away indoor facilities. These owners/developers know what you want (and don't want) in a sports facility for your children. They also want to know how to make this facility better. Feel free to contribute your thoughts. We want to listen!

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Hard Work It is understood that running a sports facility requires a great deal of physical effort and a strong competitive mentality. Everyone at Sportsworld has found the way to get the work done, NO EXCUSES! There might be numerous times it would be easier to surrender, but our competitive spirit and "rollup our sleeves and get down to business" attitude won't allow us to.

Innovation Creating opportunities and not merely taking advantage of those that come our way. We aim to be forward thinking and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Integrity We conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest standards of honesty, truthfulness, ethics and fair dealing.

Teamwork Sportsworld understands that unity within our walls is the common objective and is what will lead Sportsworld to succeed. Working hard in a truly cooperative spirit for the accomplishment of Sportsworld is what we are trying to achieve.

Respect Valuing our individuality and diversity, we are civil and respectful of each other, our patrons, coaches, and club administrators. We are proud of our success, but we are humble, not arrogant or rude.