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  • Please have players ready to start right on time. Sportsworld will run the clock.
  • All players must have the necessary equipment to be able to play (certified mouthguards, goggles and a stick). Goalies must follow the goalie equipment rules.
  • Team managers/coaches must be on the sideline during games to ensure the Sportsworld rules are followed by team members. If a ref notifies Sportsworld because a team does not have an adult, the team will be notified and will be given one more chance to get an adult on the sideline for the next game. Two games without an adult will lead to that team being taken off the schedule for the following weekend-sunday game. 
  • Teams can play 7 plus a goalie. 5 players over and 2 players back.
  • Only draw at the beginning of each half.
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL GAMES=modified checking.
  • HS GAMES=new self start/free movement and new 8meter rule (please ask refs if you have any questions with that). CLICK HERE for a full explanation. 
  • If a team does not have a goalie-Contact Kristen Mullady at kmullady48@gmail.com atleast 24 hours in advance. IF Kristen cannot get a goalie, a player MUST go to the front desk and check out equipment. A field player must suite up. Refs will not wait for that player to get dressed. Game will start without a goalie.


  • First no show=warning
  • Second no show=one week suspension
  • Third no show=removed from the league

CARDS (all checks to the head will be carded immediately)

    • Player sits out 2 minutes. 
    • Team does NOT play down.
    • Coach gets a phone call from Sportsworld and an official warning
  • 2nd YELLOW CARD (for same player in a game)  
    • Player does not go back in game. Name is reported to Sportsworld and player is spoken to.
    • Team plays down for 2 minutes
    •  Coach is removed from the game and a suspension determined by Sportsworld 
  • 2nd YELLOW CARD (for more than one player on the same team in same game) 
    • Players with multiple cards do not go back in game. Names are reported to Sportsworld and players are spoken to.
    • Team plays down one player for remainder of game. 
  • 1st RED CARD 
    • Player does not play the rest of the game. Player immediately reports to front desk at Sportsworld.  
    • Team plays down a player for remainder of game. 
    •  Coach is removed from the game and a suspension determined by Sportsworld 
  • 2nd RED CARD in a given season
    • Player must sit out the next game.
  • Multiple RED and/or YELLOW cards in a given game or session
    • Official reserve the right to stop the game for the safety of the players and Sportsworld has the right to ask the player not to play the remainder of the sessions. 


Thank you for your cooperation,

Sportsworld Lacrosse