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Sportsworld offers a variety of leagues, clinics, and strength and conditioning to meet the growing needs of lacrosse in the surrounding areas. 

Visit SPORTSWORLD to bring your outdoor game indoors! 
Our lacrosse leagues and clinics take place on our three indoor Pro-Green Turf "SmartGrass" fields.
Each field measures 100 x 200 feet, and feels like you are playing on real grass.
The fields are lined just like outdoor fields and there are no boards. 

The three fields can also be opened up to a single 300 x 200 feet field to allow for Full Field Play.

We also have a 80,000 sqft irrigated outdoor grass field.

Sportsworld is a facility capable of meeting both your indoor and outdoor needs!

Visit us, or call us at the facility to find out more about our Lacrosse Leagues and Clinics

Phone:  860-254-5137
Email: sportsworldstuff@gmail.com