Flag Football Rules


  • Coin toss to decide offense or defense.
  • No switching possession at half time.

Team Requirements

  • Consists of 6 players on the field.
  • Must have 6 players in order to play.
  • No maximum roster.

Game Play

  • 6 v 6
  • Game will consist of two - 23 minute halves.
  • No stopping the clock unless in the second half under the 1 minute or if a time-out is used.
  • The second half will have 1 minute stoppage time.
  • Each team will have two (2) - 30 second time outs per half.
  • Clock stops for the following in the last 1 minute of the second half for:
  • time-outs
  • penalties
  • player goes out-of-bounds
  • incomplete pass
  • change of possession
  • scoring plays
  • 1 Point conversion is the White line (3 yards away).
  • 2 Point conversion is the Yellow line (12 yards away). 
  • Every change of possession (besides an interception) the other team must start on offense on the 3 yard line ( White line 


Offensive penalty is a result of a loss of down (examples- False Start / Offensive Pass Interference / Blocking / Flag Guarding / illegal Pass over the line of scrimmage / Impeding the rusher and throwing the pass behind the line of scrimmage).


Defensive penalty is an automatic first down (examples- Tackling / Roughing the passer / Defensive Pass Interference / Holding).


Defensive Pass interference is the only penality that is an automatic first down and s SPOT foul. 


Offense has 7 seconds to throw the ball before it is ruled a sack.


Offense has 7 seconds to get the ball past the line of scrimmage otherwise it will be ruled a sack.


Offense may hand the ball off ( NO TOSS PLAYS) and the person who received the handoff can throw or run the ball as long as they are not in the running zones. They must still pass the line of scrimmage within the 7 seconds (which means when the ball is snapped, the offense has 7 seconds to get past the line of scrimmage no matter if it is a hand off or not).


Teams can run the ball anywhere except within 5 yards from the first down and touchdown. Those are passing only restrictions.


Offensive play clock is 25 seconds before the offense must snap the ball.


No BLOCKING or leading down field to screen block a defender.


One foot must be down for a catch. 


It is the hips of the player that determines where the ball is marked down ( not the ball ) - when the player is flagged.


Rusher must be lined up with the referee and 7 yards away from the line of scrimmage to be able to rush the offense.


You may rush as many players as you want, they have to be 7 yards away from the line of scrimmaged when rushing.


Offense must avoid the rusher and not block the rusher from coming in. This will result in a penalty.


No laterals or pitches.

No Stiff Arms.

No Three or Four point stances.

No jamming at the line of scrimmage.

No Fumbles


No going after the Qbs arm during a pass. Must make attempt for the flag. 


Must throw the pass in front of the line of scrimmage. 


Officials can ask a player to leave under their discretion if the player is causing harm or harassing or causing trouble in the facility. 


Any other questions about rules that are not listed PLEASE ask the officials for any questions.


First Downs


One (1) first down allowed = three (3) plays to get over 1/2 field

Then three (3) plays to score.




College over time rules.

Each team gets the chance to be on offense and defense. Unless an INT is returned for a touchdown to end the possession.

Each team will have the ball with 3 downs to score.

Start from half field.

After the 2nd OT must go for 2 point conversion.

No Time outs allowed in over time.

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