Girls Lax Rules

Team Expectations

  • SportsWorld | Girls Lax Rules All teams must provide 24-hour notice if they need to cancel a game. If a team gives less than 24 hours notice of a game cancellation, that will be the first warning. If a team does this a second time, Sportsworld reserves the right to remove that team from the schedule. This does not include canceling due to bad weather. If a team feels it is unsafe to drive.

  • Teams are guaranteed a minimum of 6 games. If a team cancels last minute this rule does not apply for the team that canceled.

  • All teams must have accurate rosters online for communication purposes.

  • All team members must wear the same uniform or pinny.

  • All teams must have an adult coach or team manager present on the sideline.

  • Only turf shoes/sneakers can be worn on the turf. Cleats are not allowed.

  • There is no restriction on the number of coaches on the sideline for a team.

  • Teams do not need to check in before games, but random roster checks will take place.

  • Goalies are required. Please fill out the goalie request form ASAP if you need a goalie sub. If there is not a goalie playing, then we have exhausted all resources. (Teams that do not have a goalie will still play but the game will count as a forfeit for tournament play.)

  • The score will be kept for all games. Coaches or a parent volunteer should flip the score during the games. Teams have 24 hours to report if a score was not posted correctly, or if an opponent didn't have a goalie and it was not posted as the team with the goalie winning.

  • Scores will be used to create competitive match-ups for the last two weeks of each session. Coaches/Team managers need to sign off on the scores at the end of each game.

  • CLICK HERE to access the playoff rules and expectations


**All US Lacrosse Rules apply with the following inclusions/adaptations.**

  • 7v7 (plus a goalie) 5 players over the midline and 2 players back. Teams can adjust to 6v6 (plus a goalie) if both teams agree.

  • Draw to start the game/half and then a goalie will always clear after a goal is made.

  • Two 25-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime. The horn will be buzzed five minutes after the hour to start each game and 25 minutes before the next hour to start the second half.

  • Mercy Rule: If a team is up by 10 goals, in lieu of a draw, the losing team gets the ball at the center circle. The ref blows the whistle to start play.

  • Checking Rules: Middle School (follow USLacrosse Rules) - Modified Checking (below the shoulders). High School - Full Checking. Referees will place safety at the forefront.


  • 1st yellow card in a game: The player carded is out for 2 minutes. Team does not play player down.

  • 2nd yellow card for the same player in the same game: The player carded is out for the remainder of the game and the team is down a player for 2 minutes. The referee reports to Sportsworld and it is handled on a case-by-case basis to determine if the player sits out the next game.

  • 2nd yellow card was issued to the same team but to a different player: The player is out for 2 minutes. Team does not play player down.

  • If a team has 3 or more yellow cards, the team must play down a player for the rest of the game.

  • Red card: The player carded is out for the remainder of the game. Referee reports to Sportsworld and and the player sits out next game. Continued cards will result in player removal from the league with no refund.

  • A player or team that continuously receives yellow or red cards may be asked to sit out the remainder of the season.

*Please note that Sportsworld can decide that a player will sit out the remainder of the session with no refund for unsafe play or unsportsmanlike conduct (poor language, threats, throwing sticks, negative social media, etc.). If there is an extremely dangerous foul or unsportsmanlike behavior that occurs, the player/parent will be notified.*

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