Soccer Rules


Sportsworld will follow the FIFA Laws of the game with the following exceptions.

Law 1 - The Field of Play

  • 1.1 Dimensions: Fields are 200 feet by 100 feet.
  • 1.2 Field Markings: The field is marked like a normal soccer field with the dimensions reduced to be in proportion to the size of the field.
  • 1.3 Goals: Goals are 7.5 feet by 12 feet

Law 2 - The Ball

  • 2.1 Approved Ball Specifications: The circumference of the ball shall be between 27 and 28 inches. The match ball should be inflated to an appropriate pressure. A size 5 ball will be used by all divisions with the exception that youth divisions U12 and younger will use a size 4 ball.

Law 3 - Number of Players

  • 3.1 Teams: The game shall be played by two teams each consisting of 8 players for U9 thru U12. All U13 and U14 Premier Divisions will play 7 v 7 and High School will play 6 v 6 (these numbers include the goalkeeper). Over 40 and Coed will play 7 v 7. In Coed the 6 field players must be 3 female and 3 male (Goalkeeper may be of either sex). All other teams will play 6 v 6 (Unless agreed upon by both Teams).
  • 3.2 Substitutes: The Referee's authority and jurisdiction shall extend to all bench personnel and players. All players shall enter & exit the field of play at the midfield line. (Team side only)
  • 3.3 Unlimited Substitutions: During the game, unlimited "on-the-fly" substitutions are permitted at any time for field players and the goalkeeper provided that both the following two conditions are satisfied:
  • a) The player(s) leaving the field must be within the touchline at the player's own bench area, or off the field in the bench area, before the substitution is made.
  • b) Neither players entering the field nor players departing the field may participate in play when they are simultaneously on the field. An illegal substitution will be penalized by an indirect free kick from the location of the ball when play is stopped.
  • 3.4 Guaranteed Substitution: The restart of play will be delayed until the completion of substitutions by either team in the following instances:
  • a) After a goal has been scored
  • b) On an injury time-out
  • c) When the ball leaves the field of play
  • d) Between period
  • e) After a superstructure violation
  • f) At any other unusual stoppage, with the Referee's permission
  • g)There will be no guaranteed substitutions in the last 2 minutes of the game

Law 4 - Players' Equipment

  • 4.1 Usual Equipment: The equipment of a player is a shirt, shorts, socks, and indoor soccer footwear. Except for the goalkeeper, no long pants or sweats are permitted. Permanent numbers must be worn on the shirt, at least 4" in height. Each player on a team shall wear a number that is unique to that team.
  • 4.2 Footwear: A player's footwear must be flat-soled shoes or others designed for an artificial surface.

Law 5 - Referees

  • 5.1 Referees' Authority: A system employing one Referee is used. Their authority begins when they enter the field of play. The Referee is responsible for the record of the game and the keeping of time.

Law 6 - Assistant Referee

  • Not Applicable

Law 7 - Duration of the Game

  • 7.1 Duration: The duration of a regulation game shall be two (2) halves of twenty-five (25) minutes each for a total of fifty (50) minutes, subject to the following:
  • a) Ball in Play: The clock may be stopped for injuries, serious time wasting, and when the ball is out of play for an extended period of time, at the discretion of the Referee.
  • b) Play Extension: Play shall be extended to permit the taking of a penalty kick if an infraction occurs immediately prior to the expiration of time.
  • c) Clock Malfunction: In case of clock malfunction, the Referee shall add or subtract time as deemed appropriate, and/or keep time on an alternate timepiece.
  • 7.2 Intervals between Periods: Normally, a two (2) minute half-time is provided. The Referee may shorten the half-time interval to one (1) minute if the game is behind schedule due to a delay in the game or in previous games.

Law 8 - The Start of Play

  • 8.1 Kick-off: The team facing the scoreboard takes the kick-off. Coed kick-off must be taken by females.
  • 8.2 Dropped Ball: When restarting the game after a stoppage of play for any cause not covered elsewhere in these Laws, the Referee shall drop the ball at the place where play was stopped. If in the penalty box, the ball shall be dropped at the nearest point outside the penalty box. Coed Dropped Ball must be taken by females.

Law 9 - Ball In and Out of Play

  • 9.1 Ball in Play: No Change
  • 9.2 Ball Out of Play: The ball is out of play:
  • a) When it has completely crossed the touchline.
  • b) When it hits any part of the dome wall structure. Play will be restarted with a direct free kick for the opposing team at the nearest line where it hit the superstructure. It shall be a guaranteed substitution occasion.

Law 10 - Method of Scoring

  • No Change

Law 11 - Offsides

  • There are no Offsides

Law 12 - Fouls / Misconduct

  • 12.1 Fouls: A player who intentionally commits any of the following offenses shall be penalized by the Referee awarding a free kick to the opposing team. The kick is taken from the point of the infraction (subject to the exclusions in Law 8, 9, 11, 12).
  • a) Sliding tackle: An indirect free kick is awarded against the offending team.
  • b) Challenge rule: (applies only to Coed). Men are not allowed to challenge or intimidate women. The play will restart with a direct free kick. Goalkeepers are exempt from the challenge rule within their own penalty box. Challenge in box other than goalie will result in PK.
  • 12.2 Goalkeeping Restrictions: The following infractions are to be penalized by the Referee awarding an indirect free kick to the opponents at the top of the restraining arc:
  • a) Pass back: The goalkeeper shall not handle the ball with his hands if a teammate passes the ball back intentionally from any area of the playing field or from a throw-in.
  • b) 5-Second Distribution: Once a goalkeeper obtains possession of the ball within the penalty area, the ball must be distributed outside of the penalty area or to another player within five (5) seconds. Possession shall be defined as control with hand only.
  • c) Ball Distribution: The Goalie can not distribute with a punt or throw over half-field. The result will be an Indirect Kick at Midfield.
  • 12.3 Cautionable Offense:
  • a) Spitting on the Field Carpet: A player who spits on the carpet at any time during the course of a game, including between periods, shall be cautioned and shown a yellow card. At all other times, the Referee shall report the incident to the league via the Game Report.

Law 13 - Free Kicks

  • 13.1 Free Kick Regulations: When play has been stopped for a foul or other infraction, play shall be restarted with a "free" kick taken by a player of the opposing team. Coed all free kicks must be taken by females, except goal kicks and offensive fouls in the penalty box which may be taken by the goalkeeper only. When a free kick is being taken, all the opposing players shall be at least eighteen (18') from the ball. The ball must be stationary when a free kick is taken. A whistle is not required.
  • a) Location: Subject to the exclusions in these Laws, a free kick shall be taken from within three feet of the point of infraction. If a team gains an unfair advantage from the location of the kick, the kick shall be retaken.
  • b) Free Kicks Originating in Penalty Area: When a player is taking a free kick from within the defensive penalty area, all opposing players shall remain outside the penalty area and at least 18' from the location of the ball until the ball has been kicked out of the penalty area. The ball is not in play until it leaves the penalty area. If the ball is not kicked directly into play, the kick shall be retaken.
  • c) Free Kick in Attacking Penalty Area: an indirect free kick awarded to the attacking team in its opponent's penalty area shall be taken at the top of the restraining arc unless a penalty kick has been awarded. A penalty kick shall be taken in accordance with Law 14.
  • d) On all direct or indirect free kicks (excluding corner kicks) no attacking player can stand in the goal box. Violation is a Goal kick.

Law 14 - Penalty Kick

  • 14.1 PK for U15 and Older: All Penalty kicks will be taken from the top of the penalty box.
  • 14.2 PK for U14 and Under: All Penalty kicks will be taken from the marked Penalty spot.

Law 15 - The Throw-in

  • No Change 

Law 16 - The Goal Kick

 On goal kicks, goalies may pass the ball to a teammate inside the box, rather than it having to leave the box to be possessed.

Law 17 - The Corner Kick

  • 17.1 Corner Kicks: Coed The Corner Kick must be taken by females.


  • Red Cards: A player who received a red card will be ejected from the game. The player must leave the bench area and the Sportsworld facility. If a player refuses to leave the bench the Referee may suspend the game. Any player or Coach red carded must sit out the next game. The team will not play a man down if a player receives a red card. 
  • Protest Procedure: Letters concerning any Protest need to be filed with a Sports World Manager within 24 hours. A review panel will rule on the Protest and make a ruling within 72 hours. 
  • Suspensions for fighting and other violent conduct: A special Disciplinary Committee will be formed to review these special incidents. All teams will be notified in writing of the committee's decision.

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